• “I have had a great experience with IOWI. The publishing experience can be daunting and I was very happy to have Cheryl's guidance, her expert eye and her knowledge. Cheryl is the type of person who is motivated by the success of others and I am grateful to have had her expertise.”

    ~ Peta-Gaye Nash, author of I too Hear the Drums, 2010, revised 2015, IOWI. Five children’s books through IOWI.

  • “I had a wonderful experience working with Cheryl Antao-Xavier on my book The Happy Well-Fed Artist. She combines warmth and caring about you, the client, with wisdom and great expertise in the field. I highly recommend her publishing and editing services!

    ~ Katie Curtin, author of The Happy Well-Fed Artist: How to Get Your Creative Projects Off the Ground and Into the World, www.thehappywellfedartist.com

  • "As a new author I found IOWI to be a safe, supportive and encouraging environment. The editing was thorough and the design process was superb. IOWI also provided opportunities to meet other authors and their workshops were beneficial learning experiences."

    ~ Vicki Bismilla, author of Forbidden/Verboten, a novel, IOWI, 2014.

  • "Queen Teuta of Ilyria—A Play was buried in a drawer for six years, until I met Cheryl, who gave me the inspiration to translate it from Albanian into English. I want to thank her from my heart for making my dream come true—the publishing of my first book in English."

    ~ P.I. (Përparim) Kapllani, author of Queen Teuta, 2008; Beyond the Edge—short stories, 2010, The Last Will—a novel, 2014, IOWI.

  • “I am truly impressed with the quality of work and design that went into completing my beautiful book of poems. From cover to cover, this collection is a fine gem, and one which I am very proud to call my own."

    ~ Bunny Iskov, author of Skirting the Edge, IOWI, 2015.

  • “My publisher—Cheryl Antao-Xavier has been very supportive to me in her advice and editing. She works diligently to promote Canadian Culture among all her writers.”

    ~ Peter Jailall, Teacher, Poet, Storyteller, author of STOP! STOP! Don’t be a bully, 2015; Jottings, 2014; Sacrifice, 2010; Mother Earth, 2009—published by IOWI.

  • “IOWI publishing/editing made my dream come true. It took me years to write my book and did not know where to go from there. They helped me through the entire process. It would not have been possible without them.”

    ~ Mike Ghatine, author of Secrets of Driving and Automobile Care. 2014, IOWI.

  • “The launch of this wonderful collection of Canadian poems and stories was a celebration of creativity and diversity. It was an honour to be a part of both. Cheryl has a gift of bringing gifted people together.”

    ~ Kate Marshall Flaherty, contributor to The Literary Connection, Volume II, on the theme of ‘My Canada,’ IOWI, 2015. www.katemarshallflaherty.ca

  • “IOWI is a writer's dream publishing company. Not only do they give you personalized service, far and above the norm but there is also excellent feedback to allow a writer to go back and revamp their material, enabling the writer to shine at their best.”

    ~ Susan Munro, author of Ravings of a Lunatic Saint, IOWI, 2013.

  • “The team, the setup and the atmosphere at IOWI are absolutely fantastic, you feel at home at once. No wonder all authors working through this group have such a high opinion and respect for it. Cheryl Antao-Xavier, is an incredible individual…apart from being a thorough professional, she is warm, considerate and exceedingly helpful.”

    ~ Mahmood Mustafa, Crossroads and Beyond, IOWI, 2015.

  • “IOWI is a trusted and unique publishing company that encourages writers to creatively pen their stories without losing their unique writing style and most importantly, their ‘voice’.”

    ~ Simone Da Costa, bestselling author of I am Beautiful: When I Look at Me, I See..., DaCosta Empire, 2015.

  • “This book [The Literary Connection, Volume II] captures readers in an emotional web of words, drawing them into heartfelt stories that make it hard to put down the book till it is read through. You hit the bull’s-eye on this book.”

    ~ Ed Woods, contributor to The Literary Connection, Volume II, on the theme of ‘My Canada,’ IOWI, 2015.

  • “IOWI has an attention to detail and a passion for well-edited books that is rarely seen any more in this industry. I’ve often said, a large portion of my successes can be traced back to working with IOWI.”

    ~ Brandon Pitts, author of Pressure to Sing, IOWI, 2011.

  • “My poems were first published through IOWI. I can't imagine a more rewarding first experience. Having been to several IOWI book launches, I have witnessed the consistency of high quality production that IOWI generates. It is clearly evident how knowledgeable and passionate IOWI is about what they do.”

    ~ Lindsay W. Albert, contributor to The Courtneypark Connection, 2013, The Literary Connection, Vol. I, 2014, and The Literary Connection, Vol. II, 2015

  • “My book of poems, Poetic Ballets of My Mind, is stunning and everything I could wish it to be.”

    ~ Phyllis Kwan, IOWI, 2016.

Putting it : In Our Words

In Our Words Inc. has been publishing emergent writers since January 2008. The enthusiasm, the trepidation, the agonizing over each word, the struggle with language, publishing time constraints, and a hundred other considerations…play out again and again. And yet, for us at IOWI, it’s never tedium. We get enthusiastic with every new author, every new book that we take on. We treat our authors like family—the IOWI family!

Over the years, we’ve pursued viable publishing trends in order to stay current and consistently offer a great-looking book and a comprehensive service. Today IOWI is securely on-board the POD (print-on-demand) platform—with all its benefits of premium printing and global reach. This plus affordability for all concerned. 

Our service is a hybrid of ‘traditional’ methods and standards of publishing, i.e. premium editing, proofreading, and design; but with the key difference of giving authors the experience of staying connected to their work through the publishing process. We listen to and respect author input. The author gets to see the print proofs before the book is published. The author gets the benefit of thirty-plus years of editorial, design, and publishing experience and a commitment to turn out a book that makes us all proud.

We are proud of the books that carry our IOWI logo. 

In Our Words Inc. is an independent publisher located in Streetsville, Ontario, Canada. We publish poetry, short fiction, novels, drama, and anthologies (collection of two or more authors’ work). We offer book consultation services; professional proofreading and editing services independent of the publishing packages. Quotes for these services will be invoiced independently. 

Publishing services come in two packages:

Design only—author is supplied print ready proofs (pdfs) (ISBN, no CIP*, premium design with ‘designed by IOWI’ logo) 

Complete publishing package includes all of the above, plus CIP registration, upload to POD, and global distribution; and a minimum print run of 100 books. Books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other notable online distributors. Online sales revenue received through publisher is issued to author at actuals minus $1.50 admin charge, twice a year (January and July). The publisher supplies books to author’s supplied address at special low rates.

*Canada Archives requires a minimum print run of 100 books to issue a Cataloguing-in-Print registration.