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In Our Words Inc. is an independent publisher located in Streetsville, Ontario, Canada. We offer self-publishing solutions to writers and companies/organizations to:

  • publish books [poetry, fiction, non-fiction, anthologies, business/professional books]
  • professional editing
  • professional design of books
  • professional proofread of ready-to-print publications
  • self-publishing consultancy

Here is what we do:

  • Design only—author is supplied print-ready proofs (pdfs) (We provide ISBN if required, barcode if required, cover and inside design) 
  • Proofread only—client provides final Word doc/print-ready proofs (pdfs) for proof-checking of text and design [spelling, punctuation, text layout]; tracked edits returned.
  • Complete publishing package—includes editing, design and proofreading services, and supply of print-ready pdfs, which clients are then able to upload to a POD platform and access global distribution such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other notable online distributors.
  • Self-publishing consultantcy—do you have a book worth publishing? Before you embark on a potentially expensive trip, make sure you are ready. Do you have all the material for the book? does it need editing? etc. etc. Find out before you start. Consult with


FIND OUT about publishing your book in:

SELF-PUBLISHING—the professional way!


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